We have an extensive range of seed potatoes on sale at the moment with plenty of varieties to choose. From our first early and second early to our main crop range. We get lots of questions this time of year so thought we would give you a few helpful tips to get you started.

Tip No.1: Plant your seed potatoes in early spring as they do like the cooler temperatures.

Tip No.2: If you are wanting to chit your potatoes as it is a good idea if you are buying first earlies, then place them in an open egg box with the eye of the potato facing upwards in a light, frost free environment.
The chitting process should take on average between 4-6 weeks.

Don’t forget to keep your potatoes watered regularly. When the temperatures start to climb and the plants start to show lots of growth they can take up plenty of water especially with them loving to be situated in full sun.

Happy Growing from Dunston Hall

Matthew Feeney