Bird Care
We stock an extensive range of food,
feeders and accessories to keep your feathered
friends in fine fettle all year round

We are on hand to help

We have a comprehensive range of feeders, feed and feeding stations
Our bird houses and bird tables bring a classic look to your garden as well as a practical solution to your safe feeding problem
Squirrels beating the birds to the prize? We have squirrel proof feeders, or if you would rather watch them, we can help you build an assult course for them!

Only the very best

Human feeding efforts have caused bird populations to increase, particularly in gardens and other relatively small spaces

If you’re looking for high-quality wild bird foods that also offer a huge variety of flavour combinations then look no further

If you’re looking for practical, high-quality bird feeders, we have a huge selection of products available

Whether you have a sprawling garden or a tiny patio, any outdoor space can be turned into a culinary paradise for wild birds – all you need is the right bird feeder
We sell free-standing feeders and feeding stations, as well as smaller bird feeders that can be mounted on your window, hung on the external wall of your home, or suspended from tree branches

Attracting birds to your outdoor living space is one of life’s purest, simplest pleasures. We specialise in wild bird feeding