the plant shop
We have plants from all corners of the globe
And plants from our hand picked UK growers, all beautifully presented
We can offer help and advice to bring your project to life
Our plant experts are always on hand to diagnose and solve your dilemmas
We will ensure you come back time and again for inspiration

"Dunston Hall Garden Centre prides itself with providing our customers with the best quality plants available with first class service"

The majority of our plants been sourced from some of the best UK growers around.
Our number one aim is to provide excellent quality plants at reasonable prices while providing a first class service.
Below is a small selection of plants available from our plant shop

Climbing Hydrangea
Passion Flowers
Aquatic Plants
Soft Fruit
Seasonal vegetables including Tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers
Cottage Garden (Herbaceous)
Shrubs of all sizes
Bedding Plants for all seasons
Seasonal hanging baskets and planters.

Seasonal Plant Selection

We offer a comprehensive selection of seasonal planting bulbs to bring all year round colour and structure to your garden

Coupled with planters and tools we can help you develop yearly colour

We have an incredible range of seasonal bedding plants

Ensuring your borders, pots, planters and hanging baskets maintain their stunning glory all year round

With a sprinkling of feed guaranteed to keep your blooms vibrant

Keen to develop not only for flora in your garden

We have a great range of plants and accessories to help keep the insects thriving 

which in turn helps your plants develop and grow

Don’t want to skip any steps? 

Our range of seeds will give you every possibly combination you could wish for

Floral, or edible, or.. Edible flowers!

We can help you create something special

Here you will find a concise video library to help you with those seasonally relevant tasks, presented by some of the best gardeners in the UK

We have some of the best gardening experts in the local area, but they cannot be on hand 24/7
These videos will help you with, when we are not available, or watch at your leisure from the comfort of your warm, dry sitting room 
Feed your mind, then come and see us, and we will help bring your projects to reality
Keep coming back, we will keep updating these to keep them seasonally relevant

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”