Andrew is one of our onsite Horticultural experts and he has made up a spring hanging basket to give our customers some inspiration to create your own spring masterpiece. The basket in question consists of the following readily available plants from our greenhouse.

  • Skimmia Rubella for the centre piece.
  • White primroses.
  • Variegated silver ivy.
  • Purple splash violas.
  • Cineraria silverdust.

All these plants in our basket will all be absolutely fine with the colder temperatures and will bring you lots of joy over the coming months ahead. Gardening is all about relaxing and taking great pride in how your garden looks throughout the seasons, bringing a smile to your face and a great sense of achievement. Why not share some pictures of your baskets with us via Facebook or Instagram and lets spread the love.

Video Credit (Andrew Stevenson)

Matthew Feeney