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Marguerites- Out of Stock

Ideal for planters & borders. NEEDS FROST PROTECTION    

Geranium Americana- Out of Stock


Magic Dragon- 3L Pot- Out of Stock

Chinese Foxglove- Rehmannia Walberton, Magic Dragon. 3L Pot  

Green Leaf Dahlia- Out of Stock

Excellent bedding dahlia, medium sized double and semi-double flowers in a fine colour range. Stunning flowers with green foliage. Easy to raise from seed. Invaluable material for autumn floral arrangements.

Argyranthemum- Out of Stock

(May) With their large daisy like flowers, the compact Argyranthemum plants are excellent in pots and as garden plants. Also known as Marguerites or Patio Daisies, the flowers will provide colour

Convolvulus Cneorum 1L- Out of Stock

(April) Masses of white trumpets during May and June above neat, silvery, year round foliage. Hardy and Perennial.

Erysimum ‘Golden Jubilee’- Out of Stock

(April) Hardy perennial Wallflower with bright yellow flowers in Spring. Cut off the dead heads and it will flower again through Winter. Height is 1ft and spread is 1ft approx.

Argyranthemum- “Daisy Crazy”- Out of Stock

(April) Place in a spot that gets some shade- don’t let it dry out and give it some fertiliser occasionally.

Alpine In Variety- 1L- Out of Stock

(April) Ideal for Rockeries, Border, Walls, Banks, Paving, Gravel Gardens, Containers, Tubs & Pots. Easy to grow, excellent ground cover, vibrant shades of blue, purple, red & pink. UK Grown.

Grow Your Own- Out of Stock


Primrose 9cm- Out of Stock

(April) Fantastic colour through winter into early spring. Ideal for the garden or planters/baskets. Easy to grow.

9cm Summer Bedding- Out of Stock

Summer is on its way! Why noy get an early start with these fantastic Plug plants for all your summer colour. Ideal for Hanging Baskets, Planters and your borders. 9cm

Primula Cow Slip 14cm- Out of Stock


Double Flowering Primrose- Out of Stock

(April) Fantastic colour through winter and spring. Ideal for the garden or planters/baskets. Easy to grow.  

Herbaceous 9cm

Hardy Perennial Plants Ideal for your borders or pots

Ranunculus- Out of Stock

(April) This lovely relative of the buttercup has full double flowers in bright shades of gold, orange, pink, red or white, which will light up baskets and containers from April

Pelargonium- Out of Stock

(April) Bushy with rounded leaves sometimes lobed or partially toothed, producing single, occasionally double flowers, in shades of mauve, pink, purple or white grown for outdoor or indoor display. These

Armeria- Out of Stock

(April) Evergreen perennial with thin bladed green leaves and dense clusters of flowers atop long stems in the Spring & Summer. Height is 2ft and spread is 2ft approx .

Herbs 8.5cm- Out of Stock

You’ve tried dried herbs, why not try the real thing with these easy to grow herbs. Ideal for a small patch in the garden or window box. Ideal for culinary

Osteospermum- Out of Stock

(April) Adds instant cheer to summer gardens with its colourful, daisy shaped flowers and dark green foliage. The blooms are wonderful for cutting and appear in a wide range of

Ornamental Cherries- Out of Stock

(April) A selection of our Ornamental Cherries now in bud and flower

Erysimum- Out of Stock

(May) Apricot Delight, Walberton’s Fragrant Sunshine Hardy, evergreen perennials.

Pieris- Out of Stock

(March) Includes: Bonfire, Little Heath, Purity, Dorothy Wyckoff.

Lithodora- Out of Stock

(March) Lithodora- Heavenly Blue 1L Full of Bud & Flower

Pieris ‘Passion’- Out of Stock

(March) Hardy, evergreen, compact shrub with dark green leaves. All of the new growth appears red with many more of the leaves turning red in Autumn. Small clusters of deep

Hebe- Out of Stock

(March) Varieties include: Heartbreaker, Pink Pixie, Blue Star, Silver Dollar, Caledonia, Purple Pixie

Bergenia- Out of Stock

(March) Pretty, early spring flowers Glossy evergreen leaves, good for ground cover Though and hardy throughout the country Grows happily in most soils

Lupins- Out of Stock

(March) Varieties include: Gallery Yellow, Gallery Red, Gallery Blue, Gallery Pink

Single Tulips- Out of Stock

(March) Vibrant coloured flowers every spring Ideal for patio containers or mixed borders Hardy/perennial in sunny, well-drained spot Hardy, bulbous perennial with green, sometimes variegated leaves. Brightly coloured, cup shaped

Pots of Perennials & Cover- Out of Stock

(March) Pots of Perennials & Cover Herbaceous perennial plants for borders and ground covers. Lots of different varieties and colours. See individual labels on the pots for information about each

Ladybird Poppy- Out of Stock

(March) Ladybird Poppy Annual poppy that flowers from June through to August Superb for a wild flower border Flowering height up to 45cm (18in) Thrives in full sun and well-drained

Hardy Perennials- Out of Stock

(March) Dianthus Hardy perennial with brightly coloured, compact frilly shaped flowers in the Spring and Summer. Colours vary depending on variety Height is 1ft and spread is 1ft approximately. We

Cordyline Australis- Out of Stock

(Feb) Cordyline Australis 17cm

Spring Bulbs- Out of Stock

(Feb) Get a head start with these already planted Spring Bulbs. Ideal to put in planters, baskets or straight into the ground. Ranges include- Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus & Scilla  

elho Herb Pots with Scissors

Single- Small: £6.99 Single- Large: £7.99 Duo: £9.99 Station: £10.00 Subject to stock availability. Please call 01246 268468 for more info