Making neat, low mounds of foliage in a wide choice of bold and exciting colours, heucheras make striking additions to borders and containers in partial shade. They are easy to grow, versatile and low maintenance, popular as ground cover and for filling in gaps between taller plants, providing colour virtually all year round.

Heucheras offer a wide choice of vibrant leaf colours – green, pewter-grey, deep purple, pink, bronze, apricot or zingy lime, sometimes marbled or veined, often with wavy or scalloped edges. They form compact mounds, usually keeping their leaves all year round. Tiny white, pink or red flowers are a bonus in summer.

Partial or dappled shade suits most heucheras. Darker-leaved plants can often take more sun, which may enrich the leaf colours. They grow well in most average soils – not too wet or too dry.

Heucheras dislike permanently wet, heavy or very dry soil and deep shade. Strong summer sun can scorch and crinkle the foliage, especially on paler-leaved plants.