The month of march is possibly one of the busiest times of year in the garden with so much to be doing to keep your body and mind active, and getting everything ready for the growing seasons ahead. Spring generally tends to arrive around mid March and weather depending it’s time to go into the shed and dust off all your tools, clean and oil those secateurs and start getting excited…. So with all this in mind I thought I would compile a list of hints,tips and ideas to help you all get started.

This is the most ideal time to clean and tidy all your pathways before the plants in your borders start to spread out and grow into them. Using products such as Algon or Patio Magic to remove all the green algae and moss or if you’re wanting to be more active a general block scraper and patio brushes or a decent jet washer are just a few of the many ways to complete this task.

How about looking for somewhere in your garden to conserve the rain water. we sell them in a variety of sizes with or without stands to suit your needs.

Finish cutting back any remaining dead growth from your perennials ready for the new growth.

Prune your rose now and and early flowering clematis, this is also the best time to feed your roses to give them a well earned boost before they start growing.

Feed your trees and shrubs with a slow release fertiliser by digging in small amounts around the roots of your plants.

Plant your summer flowering bulbs if you have not done this already.

Keep an eye out for those pesky slugs!!!! They are a gardeners nightmare at this time of year with the new plants or veg you are growing and any new young shoots from your plants.. Slugs just love any soft foliage.

Weather depending you will start to hear that first lawn mower being struck up from your neighbours, so if you can get your first cut of the season done but don’t go taking too much off it just yet just a light cut will suffice at this time of year. If you have the space, have a think about where you are going to compost your grass cuttings this year.

I hope you all find some of this helpful. There is so much more to be doing, so if the weather is on our side, get outside and do more in your garden you will feel a great sense of achievement. And don’t forget all of us at Dunston Hall are here to help you with any advice you need either by calling in to see us or over the phone.

Matthew Feeney