Time to start thinking about getting your plug plants ready for creating those amazing summer baskets, and planters you’ve been wanting to do. As always we have them in from Kinder Garden Plants who are a superb company and they never let us down on quality or variety. Did you know it is probably the most economical way of planting your baskets and pots up ready for the coming season, and their easy to grow and easy to work with…

All the plants come supplied in a stylish wrap with plant information on the side and when you come to plant them. They simply just slip out from the wrap with no root system been disturbed or damaged. There is a very handy leaflet on the side of our stands for customers to take away with them full of help and advice. But I will leave you a few basic tips below to get you started.

Tip 1. Grow your plug plants in a sheltered environment like a greenhouse or conservatory.

Tip 2. Do Not place these tender little plants outside until the last frost has past.

Tip 3. When planting your baskets or containers using a good quality compost and fill them to within 2cm from the top.

Tip 4. If you add some slow release fertiliser to your growing media when preparing your baskets that should be sufficient for the rest of the growing season, If you don’t do this you will need to give your display regular liquid feeds throughout the growing season, when your blooms are more established.

Tip 5. Water regularly throughout the growing season, by keeping your plants moist but not sat in water.

Hope this help… Happy Gardening.

Matthew Feeney