Even though at this time of year with the dark cold night its very easy to forget that there are jobs to be doing during the coldest months, and to keep your body and mind active, especially during these difficult times a bit of fresh air does us all the world of good. So I thought I would attempt to compile a list things of jobs you could be doing at this time of year to inspire you all to get out into the garden

  • Start sowing seeds especially the varieties that need a little longer to establish.
  • Make a list of what summer flowering bulbs you would like. There on sale now.
  • Plug plants have just arrived in the garden centre which always makes our customers smile when they see them.
  • Clean out your greenhouse and give it a good clean ready for the season ahead, a greenhouse fumigator is always a good idea to get rid of any pests.
  • Move and plants into new positions if there suffering where they are situated or you just fancy a change. (Not in frozen ground though, only when the soil is warm and moist.)
  • A good tidy of your paths and borders and put any green waste in your compost pile or bin. (If you don’t have one we sell them in the garden centre or if you fancy a project build your own to suit your needs.)
  • Paint your shed or any fences you have.
  • Have you got somewhere to fit a water but? If so have a look at installing one, nothing better than fresh rain water for your plants.
  • Do You Want to grow your own vegetables this year? If so, plan where its going. Its another fun job to build yourself or with your family, fill it with some fresh soil ready for you to start growing your own…. And I promise you they taste much better when you have grown them yourself.

Matthew Feeney