These are looking absolutely stunning in our plant area at the moment.
This is a beautiful new hybrid that flowers late into the winter and for many weeks to follow, with stunning marbled evergreen leaves. This clump forming perennial will grow to a Height of 40cm (16”) and will spread approximately 60cm (24”) Plant in a semi shaded spot in a well-drained soil.

A few tips to help you get the best out of your Hellebores :-

  1. Water the plant really well before planting and never plant in hard frosted ground.
  • Remove all the faded or spent flower stems in late spring and top dress with some fresh compost. Also add a small amount of general garden fertilizer (Miracle Grow for example) to your Hellebore at the end of spring to give it that boost it needs going into the new growing season.
  • Sit back and enjoy watching your Hellebore grow into a stunning show piece.

Matthew Feeney